Bali Traditional Market

Kuta Art Market
Situated close to the Kuta Beach on Jl. Bakung Sari, Kuta Art Market has a large number of shops selling a wide variety of merchandises including sarongs, clothes, shoes, jewelries, handicrafts, leather goods, and furniture. You can find some good pieces if you look carefully and have a huge bargaining power.
Sanur Art Market
Located on Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur Art Market has a more relaxed atmosphere and is less crowded than Kuta. This art market has an interesting variety of shops selling a wide range of merchandises such as sarongs, woodcarvings, and other handicrafts. It is also surrounded by lots of nice restaurants.
Kumbasari Market
Kumbasari Market is located on Jl. Gajah Mada, Denpasar, near the Badung River. This traditional, non-air-conditioned market offers an interesting overview of an Indonesia market. In the basement, you will find the traditional market and lots of traditional kitchen crafts made out of woven bamboo on the first floor. The second floor provides spices and dried goods as well as a wide variety of Balinese printed batik, Balinese and Javanese hand-woven textiles and various batik textiles at reasonable prices, while the household wares and clothing can be found on the third floor.
Badung Market
This 24 hours traditional market is located on Jl. Gajah Mada, Denpasar, across the Kumbasari Market, separated by the Badung River. This largest and oldest market in Bali provides such local needs as fruit and meat to and, meat, fish, vegetables, tropical and subtropical fruits, groceries, spices, clothes, textiles, and many more. Apart from consumables, one can also find beetle leaves which are used in Balinese Hindu prayers, as well as fabrics and household supplies. Although it is rather unclean, this tent market attracts many local shoppers and wholesalers for its completeness and competitive prices. The peak hour is in the afternoon, when the big transaction occurs.
Pasar Burung (Bird Market)
Pasar Burung (Bird Market) is located on Jl. Pramuka, Denpasar. This colorful and noisy market provides a wide range of birds and other such small animals as monkeys, squirrels, small wild cats and other unidentifiable animals from the heart of the dark jungles of Indonesia.
Batubulan Market
Batubulan Market, situated at the border of Denpasar and Gianyar, is the home of stone sculptures. You will find various kinds of style here, from traditional to modern, small to large. Traditionally, stone sculptures carved from soft volcanic rock (paras) were used to decorate temples and palaces but recently they are sold for export as well. The craftsmen practically can make anything you request from small to large sculptures.
Ubud Market
Ubud is known as the cultural center of Bali and as a land of artists. It is a place where you have the opportunity to see the real Bali. Located on Jl. Raya Ubud, Ubud Market has kept much of its traditional charm, with squatting Balinese sellers haggling loudly among spices and vegetables. The market also sells handicrafts which mostly were made in the neighboring villages of Mas, Tegalalang, and more.
Sukawati Art Market
Sukawati Art Market is located on Jl. Raya Sukawati, Gianyar, across the Sukawati Traditional Market. Set in a new two-story building, the art market sells a wide variety of merchandises, ranging from statues to dance costumes, all at reasonable prices. A large variety of woven baskets can be found here along with Balinese ceremonial items made from colorful prada (gold painted cloth).
Candi Kuning Market
Located in Bedugul, Candi Kuning Market provides fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and such exotic flowers as delicate orchids and roses, creating an array of wonderful colors. Spices include nutmeg, pepper, paprika and turmeric. A wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables can be found here, as well as jeruk bali (pomelo) and durian.
Galiran Market
Galiran Market, Klungkung is known as the central market of Eastern Bali, because of its agricultural commodities from Karangasem, Bangli and Gianyar are mostly sold here. Before 1974, Klungkung traditional market was situated in the heart of Semarapura city. In accordance with the development of commercial activities, the market was moved to Galiran Village, 2 hours drive to the south. It was renovated to a three-story building, providing handicrafts, artworks, traditional fabrics and many more. The most crowded market day falls every three days on pasah (a three-day week based on Balinese calendar).

In 1994, the market area was extended to 3 hectares which consists of 14 building blocks each selling different goods. Block A, B and C sell consumer products. Block D and E are specialized in agricultural products, block F for vegetables. Food and beverages and various fruits are available at block G and H. While, block J and I sell various cattle and pottery handicrafts whilst baskets and salt can be found at block K. Block L and M sell meat and sugar, and block N for cakes and plaits.
Kreneng Market
Kreneng market is located on Kamboja Street, East Denpasar, about 3 km from the city center. Daily commodities at reasonable prices can be found in this market. At night, it becomes a night bazaar where various kinds of traditional foods at reasonable prices are also available.

Kreneng Market is also the terminal of mini buses. These mini buses are called ‘bemo’, public transportations which have routes around Denpasar area.
Sanglah Market
Sanglah market is located in south Denpasar area, about 2.5 km from the city center. Like other traditional markets in Denpasar, this market offers commodities for the daily needs. Although it is open the whole day, the busy activities are only in the morning around 6 am.
Satria Market

Satria market is located at the north side of Gajah Mada Street, in the corner of Nakula Street and Veteran Street. This market sells the art crafts such as wooden handicrafts, paintings, and other handicrafts on the second level; and daily commodities on ground level.


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