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Bedulu Village is an ancient village where Bedahulu or Bedulu Kingdom was. Bedahulu or Bedulu kingdom is an ancient kingdom on the island of Bali in 8th century until the 14th century, located at Bedulu, Gianyar, Bali. It is estimated that this kingdom was ruled by a dynasty of kings Warmadewa descent. Last ruler of the Bedulu kingdom (Bedahulu) opposed against the expansion of Majapahit kingdom in 1343, led by Gajah Mada, however, ended in defeat of Bedulu Kingdom. Resistance of Bedulu Kingdom then completely extinguished after uprising last descent (Dalem Makambika) was defeated in 1347. 

Afterwards, Gajah Mada ordered a Brahmin descent from Java named Sri Krishna Kepakisan as king (Dalem) on the island of Bali. Eventually Descendants of Kepakisan dynasty later on becoming kings of several small kingdoms in the island of Bali until nowdays.

Thus, it is discovered many ancient relics around the Bedulu village. Where the ancient relics such as sarcofagus etc are stored in Bedulu archaeological museum. While ancient sites such as caves, relief, temple can still be seen to this day. 

Here are some of the sites of ancient royal relics we can visit:

  • Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave Temple)
  • Yeh Pulu (The longest relief in Bali)
  • Kebo Edan (Temple for Brahma sect)
  • Pusering Jagat (The central temple of the island)

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