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Bali Arts Festival - Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB) is an annual event of the Bali Government program, which is used as a place of activities and creativity of the artists in the effort of supporting the government programs in terms of excavation, preservation and development of great values of Balinese art and culture.

Gong Kebyar festival or parade of Balinese Gambelan music is one event in the agenda of the Bali Arts Festival which is very prestigious. In this festival, we can see or witness the artwork as a result of the creativity of the artists and the expertise of the musicians in playing gambelan Gong Kebyar.

Bali Arts Festival is held in an attempt offering copyrighted works of best public arts. Eventhough nowdays Balinese people choosing between art and handicrafts, profane and secular, public order and the pure creativity of Bali, all they do them based on the spirit of "dedication" to God, Humanity and Nature (Tri Hita Karana). The difference will not reduce the nature of art. 

The offerings of art and creative works are sincere liberation arts implies that in Hinduism is often referred to as yadnya. Yadnya presented through art and creative works as an offering to make the best of his creation, then the artist wherever possible someone will not present his or her work the most ugly or sober, let alone offering it in the form of artistic and creative works are born from the upstream cultivation of love and spiritual civilization art society.

Bali Arts Festival is a medium and a means to explore and preserve the cultural arts and to improve welfare. Excavation and preservation of art and culture include philosophy, noble values ​​and universal, basic concepts, both cultural heritage objects or objects of historical value is not high, science and art as a representation of civilization and the development of the arts through creation, innovation, cultural adaptation expectations in order to stay alive and sustained in the context of steady change time and times and the ever-changing environment.

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