Cekingan Rice Terrace


Cekingan is the name of the village where we can see the most beautifull scenery of rice terrace in Bali. Facing down to the rice terraces, you may enjoy the cold drink at a small warung. Just drive up 5 km from Ubud.

As Bali's land mostly hilly, rice terraces are one of solution to plant rice.  And as locals have a traditional tradition to regulate farmers industry called 'Subak'.

Subak is the system of Balinese organization to regulate water distribution for rice fields. The system was invented more than centuries ago and had been proving to increase productivity of rice. From this system farmers shared water irrigation for their rice fields which are decided by traditional community's regular meeting.

Subak also regulate how to help each others among farmers to planting rice, harvesting rice and marketing to traditional market.

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