Goa Lawah Temple


Goa Lawah, as the name indicates the meaning the bat cave Goa Lawah is the home of thousands of bats, hanging on the upper surface of the cave during the days and leaving their abode during the nights. Nobody knows precisely when the cave was found except, maybe, the ancestors of the bats. The cave is considered as holy, so the locals built a temple on its front yard. If hearsay is to be believed there is a hole extending back to the base of mount Agung but who wants to prove that?

Instead of proving that hearsay it is rather enjoyable if one walks for a minute across the road to the beach where the people make their salt. Since hundreds of years ago the way they produce the salt, from the process of drying the wet beach-sand to the boiling of the salty water, has never changed. They still use the same type of huts and tools and system. Perhaps because salt itself keeps its salty taste forever.

Tue, 24 Jul 2012 @14:39

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