Gitgit Waterfall


Gitgit Waterfall is one of tourist object and very suitable for who wants to enjoy agro tourism, you can continue your journey North of Bali, exactly in Gigit Village about 10 kilometres south of Singaraja. In this village you can enjoy vast coffee and clove gardens. Walking and enjoying coffee garden is a right choice if you visit Gitgit Village. The area located more or less 500 metres above sea level is a strategic place for tropical plants to grow well. 350 metres walk from the main street tracing the coffee and clove garden, you will find a waterfall about more or less 50 metres height as the highest waterfall in Bali.

If you have private transport, a visit to Gitgit is a must. Ten km south of Singaraja, this is the site of Bali’s most dramatic waterfall. The road to Gitgit climbs steeply, offering fine views along the way. The waterfall, located about 500 m from the main road, is surrounded by lush vegetation. A fine, cooling mist hangs in the air, providing a refreshing welcome after the walk down. Dip your feet in the rushing river below. A rest area suitable for picnics has been built near the base of the falls.

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