Pulaki Temple


Pulaki Temple lies some 30 km past Seririt on the coast, Pura Pulaki is located in unusual terrain - a rock-face rises perpendicularly on the left-hand side of the road while the glimering Ocean laps the right-hand side. Pulaki, the home of monkeys who have a reputation for snatching bags and cameras, has recently undergone restoration and extension. The temple has a fascinating history that is linked to to the legendary personage of Nirartha a Javanese priest who migrated to Bali in the 16th century. It is told that prior to his arrival a village of 8000 people existed here. When Nirartha visited, the village leader requested a boon that Nirartha granted: the entire village was to be given supernatural knowledge that would enable it to attain an immaterial state. The invisible occupants of this village became known as gamang or wong samar and form the entourage of Goddess Melanting, whose abode is the nearby Pura Melanting. The Balinese in these parts fervently believe in the existence of the gamang and routinely make offerings to them. For example, it is held that the entry of gamang into one’s houseyard is heralded by the howling of dogs. Occasional reports even circulate of the sighting of gamang who have momentarily materialized — they are said to have no upper lip and carry a plaited bag over one shoulder.

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