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Sakenan temple located in island it called Serangan Island is dang Kahyangan Temple . Serangan Island has large land more less 1.119 Km2 which located at the top of south east of Bali Island which means the District Administrative Area of Serangan, Sub District of South Denpasar, Denpasar Municipal Region Level II. 

To active Sakenan Temple from Denpasar to south with 8,5 Km we will arrive boat Pirelli, and we see through crock of mangrove for 30 minutes. In crossing through mangrove we will see the Benoa Harbor on the West Side, On the East Side we can see Nusa Penida Island which means the Administrative Area of Klungkung Regency. 

This temple divided into two parts, which surrounded by restricted brick are Masceti Temple on the East Side and Sakenan Temple on the West Side. 

The kind of sacral small temple which located in the Masceti Temple are most of Padarman, and Sakenan Temple is only has one persada it called Persada Danghyang Dwijendra. 

Serangan culture Village located at Serangan Temple includes Sub District of South Denpasar, Denpasar Municipality. This village has six parts of Banjar consists of four heads of village’s part, it under mainland and also there is not mountain. 

On the south side of Serangan Island it called Tanjung Benoa Strait and the north of island spread out the ocean, in the East Side is called Badung Strait and West Side is ocean.

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