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Museum Bali located on the eastern side of Puputan Square Museum. Erected in 1932 by the Dutch, and with the subsequent assistance of Walter Spies, it attempts to present a historical account of Balinese culture within an architectural framework.

Housed in Tabanan, Karangasem and Buleleng styles of architecture, the museum illustrates the two types of construction in Bali: temples and palaces. The split gate, outer and inner courtyards, and kul kul drum typify the temple; while the thatched roofs, ornate windows and verandahs characterize the palace.

The main two storey building located at the back of the entrance courtyard, houses traditional artifacts from Bali’s prehistory, including a massive stone sarcophagus. There are also two black and white photographs documenting the 1906 puputan at Badung.

The first pavilion was designed in the Singaraja style of architecture and contains textiles including endek (ikat), geringsing (double ikat) and silk songket. The second pavilion, built in the style of an 18th century Karangasem palace, houses religious and ceremonial artifacts. The third pavilion is reminiscent of Tabanan palaces and displays the masks, costumes and puppets associated with music and dance.

The museum's contents are a little disappointing, as some items are poorly labeled and rather haphazardly arranged. Nonetheless, the museum is worth visiting for the examples of architecture, and it does give the visitor an idea of the history and culture of the island.

The museum is open: Tuesday to Thursday 7.30am 1.30pm. Friday 7.30am 11.30am. Saturday to Sunday 8arn 12pm. Closed Monday.

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