Kintamani Volcano


Kintamani is known as Panelokan, In Penelokan, ribbons of black lava ripple down the valley from the misty peak of Mount Batur. Penelokan literally means “the place to look”, where the world changes colors. Sometimes, the still lake there resembles blue glass, and at other, a sheet of platinum. Legend tells of Pasupati (Siwa) dividing the sacred Hindu mountain Mahameru and placing the halves in Bali, as the volcanoes Gunung Agung and Batur. Next to Agung, Batur is the most revered of Bali’s mountains and symbolizes the female element next Besakih’s male.

Penelokan is a good place to make a lunch stop; the Lakeview Restaurant is literally on the edge of the crater. However, if you want to breathe in the beauty of Batur, it’s best to do it from Kintamani further up the road, as the vendors in Penelokan can be extremely aggressive in their sale tactics.


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