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Tenganan Village


Tenganan Village has maintained its ancient pre Hindu customs through a strong code of non-fraternization with outsiders. Tenganan Pegeringsingan is one of the most conservative villages of the Bali Aga "original Balinese". Tenganan is also well known for its geringsing cloth or double ikat. Through an intricate process of weaving and dyeing, known only here, a single cloth takes five years to complete. which is supposed to protect the wearer with magic powers. Here unique rituals offering dances, and gladiator ( the fight of the Pandanus leaves) takes place only once a year.


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Pusering Jagat Temple


Puserin Jagat Temple
This area was also once considered the navel of the world and there is a temple bearing this name, the Pura Pusering Jagat in Pejeng. It contains several interesting Hindu antiquities, probably dating from the 14th century, which are now placed in shrines. Click here for more informations


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