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Karangasem Palace


Karangasem Palace
The main attraction of Amlapura is its traditional palaces or puri. There is a western, a northern, a southern and an eastern puri as well as several others, all still occupied by members of the royal family. Of these, only the Puri Kangin (the eastern palace) on the main road to the market is easily visited. This is worth a look, as it gives a vivid impression of how local royals used to live. The palace buildings themselves are in fact an eccentric blend of Chinese and European details set what is essentially a traditional Balinese com pound with several pavilions and rooms surrounded by pools and connected by walk ways. The main hall is called the Bale London and the furniture curiously hears the crest of the British royal family. One can even rent rooms here the perfect accommodation for the aspiring aristocrat.


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Taman Ayun Temple


Taman Ayun Temple located in Mengwi and was the area of royal temple which is built in the year 1634, the temple consists of a forecourt, a central court and a spacious inner court. A lake of lotus surrounds the area of the temple, about 300 meters in the side of Mengwi Palace. Beyond the moat, the temple lies on slightly rising ground.


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